The Saturday Show: Episode 14: A Whole Bunch of Eggs

Written by on July 8, 2017

In #News, a man was arrested with a van full of pot – which he claimed was for his own personal use! Also, you can apparently snort cocoa – why you’d want to, no one knows. A couple’s wedding invitations were hilariously offensive when guests were asked if they wanted a meal of beef, chicken, or child.

A man from Saipan is cooking up some delicious art – he’s a pancake artist!

Good news men! Ejaculating 21 times in a month means you won’t have prostate cancer!

In #Florida: A man proved he’d do anything for love, when he strapped his car full of propane tanks and crashed it into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. A brother and sister got into a fight with cupcakes and both ended up in jail. A pregnant woman was struck by lightning and ended up giving birth to what we think will eventually be the first metahuman.

Our #History Lesson this week is Amelia Earhart: New photographic evidence shows that she may have been captured by the Japanese Military.

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