The Saturday Show: Episode 13: Accidentally Mixing Meds With Alcohol

Written by on July 2, 2017

In #NotFakeNews
– A woman in The UK tricked a friend into sleeping with her – by pretending to be a man, making her wear a blindfold. – Another British man hides under the bed, only to realize that his legs and feet are sticking out. Oops! – A woman in Colorado had the best excuse for being late to work ever in the history of being late to work: a bear wouldn’t let her leave. – In Michigan, a bald robber has been stealing Rogaine treatments. Adam is wondering where his dad was the night in question. – Now fidget spinners are exploding.

In scary fun news, POT IS TAKING EOUR JOERBS!
In other news, Adam and Casey are moving to Colorado.

FLORIDA – A man in Florida shot his penis off. Big surprise. – Miami police have a new anti-theft system, its K.R.A.P.P.Y. – Another Florida police officer has a less fun story. – A Florida man who stole a forklift stole another forklift.

This week’s History Lesson is in 1930 the BBC had no news to report so they played piano music. This week, The Saturday Show had no history story so they told this story.

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