The Saturday Show: Episode 4

Written by on May 8, 2017

Episode Notes

A man in the UK is creepy – making inappropriate comments about a woman dressed as one of Santa’s elves.

A man in Quebec’s car is literally found objects – a 1999 Toyota Turcel that is held together with chicken wire and logs. He also had an open container of beer…but that’s the least of his issues.

Back in America – a shockingly responsible 8-year-old learns how to drive thanks to YouTube, and then takes his 4-year-old sister to McDonalds!

In Massachusettes, a hotel cleaner found a motherfucking snake in a motherfucking side table.

In Mexico – a Catholic church wants you to know that Jesus Christ was in fact the true First Avenger. Step aside, Steve Rogers.

CVS Pharmacy locks a homeless man in the store….and then wants to bring him up on charges for eating a granola bar and some chocolate milk. After moral outrage from locals, they decide to drop the charges.

In Florida a man wants to buy human skin for $400. Sure beats having to dig a hole in your basement.

A father-daughter operated small business comes under fire – after the pot brownies they were selling at school send two children to the emergency room.

Our #HistoryLesson this week is more proof that our founding fathers were just as awful as our current candidates. Thomas Jefferson is certainly one shady lady.

And in a shocking twist of events, we have a story that is a triple threat. It’s #Floriduh, #PoliticalBullshit AND #TheBestThing on the internet:

Palm Beach County Florida is considering levying a special tax against Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago visits – because it’s costing local businesses and law enforcement MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

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