The Saturday Show – Episode 10: An aligator with a question mark on it’s back…high on bath salts.

Written by on June 16, 2017

Episode Notes

Bed bugs are bad – especially when you bring them into the office of your apartment complex because they refuse to help you. It’s also Ramadan, and judges have refused to accept divorce papers during the fast because people make terrible decisions when they’re hungry. Several people were foiled by surveilance cameras this week – including a bear that was just trying to work on his mixtape.

In Florida, The Joker was at it again – this time, in possession of marijuana. Also, several Florida women made really bad choices – including one naked woman who used a dumpster for her bathroom. Another Florida man died after crashing his car into a fire hydrant. Not from the impact, but by drowning. It was his 89th birthday.

Finally, this week’s history lesson involves FDR and Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was a drinker, but not as bad as everyone thought. He did, however, invent a few new drinks.

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