The Saturday Show Episode 5: Peacockapocalypse

Written by on May 8, 2017



Episode Notes

There are a lot of things plaguing the nation this week. Driver’s Licenses, medical practitioners who are unprofessional, and not having a third thing to put in a list for your podcast notes. In China, however, there’s a bigger plague – shoving eels up your ass. Yes, for the second time in five shows, another Chinese man has shoved living eel in his anus.

In this week’s #HistoryLesson, Casey tells another story about the founding of America: The Citizen Genet Affair. Edmond Charles Genêt served as French minister to the United States from 1793 to 1794.His activities in that capacity embroiled the United States and France in a diplomatic crisis, as the United States Government attempted to remain neutral in the conflict between Great Britain and Revolutionary France. The controversy was ultimately resolved by Genêt’s recall from his position. As a result of the Citizen Genêt affair, the United States established a set of procedures governing neutrality.

The #BestThingOnTheInternet is Mr. Trash Wheel! A hydro and solar powered wheel that has been cleaning the harbor in Baltimore for nearly two years. Adorned with a smiley face and googly eyes, Mr. Trash Wheel has removed 1.2 million tons of trash from the harbor.

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