The Saturday Show: Episode 12: Killer Queen

Written by on June 27, 2017

In Arizona, it’s pretty much hell right now.
A man in Japan has the biggest Hello Kitty collection in the world – kind of neat, but also a little creepy.
A Tennesee woman was told to leave her apartment’s swimming pool – because the one piece bathing suit she wore was too revealing.
In New York, a teen from Ohio grabbed Wonder Woman’s butt!
In Canada, Calgary police are warning residents to not take selfies with a moose on the loose.
Also, apparently 10% of all Canadians have made love in a Canoe.

In #Florida, we recognize that the state is always the butt of the joke – butt grafitti is hitting St. Petersburg.
In The Villages, police attempted a drug raid, but instead found an illegal golf cart chop shop.

This week’s History Lesson is about Antony and Cleopatra’s drinking club.

In Shark News Discover Channel is going to have Michael Phelps race a shark during Shark Week – July 23rd. Casey has issues with this, naturally.

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