Saturday Show Podcast – Episode 11: Bloody Mary

Written by on June 22, 2017

Episode Notes


Do your fingers cramp from rolling blunts? Do you get sick of burning your hair when you light your bong? Then do we have a deal for you! For one easy payment of $39.95 you can get stoned and eat your pizza, too! A Massachussettes dispensary is now selling pizza infused with high-potency THC oil!

As it turns out, Alexa is a dirty snitch.

An “artist” breathes new life into Melania Trump with a delightfully incredible statue in her honor.

Old women are as obsessed with traffic speed as Adam is with old women who are obsessed with traffic speed.

This week we also discover #WhereInTheWorld men are touching themselves: A man was arrested for breaking into a house, stealing clothing and a Prius, then masturbating.

A chinese man got his tool stuck in another tool. He needed the help of his neighborhood friendly dentist to get his penis unstuck from a wrench.

In Florida a man was arrested for calling 911 to get a ride to the local Hooters – by saying his grandmother was having a stroke in the parking lot (though we think it was him that had the stroke in the parking lot). A mom won mother of the year for teaching her child a safe way to handle reptiles: by letting a snake repeatedly bite her 1-year-old.

And in this week’s History Lesson @totally casey teaches us that “Bloody” Mary didn’t know the word whore!

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