Magic Hour: Episode 2

Written by on July 8, 2017

This week, @isadamonfire brings you the second episode of Magic Hour: a mixtape featuring artists from r/userproduced, a subreddit featuring musicians who have produced their own songs and albums.

Track List 1. Kosher Green – California
2. Children of Heck – Hind and Ken
3. Machine Levine – Colder Than The Witches
4. Lin Shao – Look At Me
5. Ramona Come Closer – Camera
6. Spells and Curses – Wicked For Days
7. Graveyard of the Atlantic – Revelation
8. Them Jones – Grow
9. wandering – salt (interlude)
10. Michael Wadlow – The Wild Boars of Fukushima
11. overpass – Round
12. Goldstead – Scene from a Dream
13. PseudoSudo – Island (Ft. Jishnu)
14. STJERNETYV – shallowend
15. Hayden Pack – ReBirth

Please support these independent artists by going to their page/bandcamp and paying for the music. They depend on and appreciate your support.

This week, @isadamonfire hints at a new show for Spark Podcasts where he interviews artists that appear on Magic Hour. Follow him on Twitter for more information.

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