Adam James never met a sandwich he didn’t like. As the founder of Spark Podcasts, Adam has a passion for entertainment. Starting with performing comedy skits with friends as a child and moving into improv, stand up, and eventually writing several failed television pilots, he’s spent the last few years producing and hosting Award-Winning* podcasts for Spark.

*winner of the Adam James Award of Excellence.

Comedically and vertically challenged,  Casey has spent her entire existence residing in Ohio. She loves sharks and history and considers herself of student in all things because she is an expert in nothing. Discussing current events, fandom, and trying to save the world every week.


Saturdays will never be the same! Join @isadamonfire and @totally_casey each Saturday night for Weird News, History, #PoliticalBullshit and Sharks!

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The Saturday Show: Episode 14: A Whole Bunch of Eggs

In #News, a man was arrested with a van full of pot – which he claimed was for his own personal use! Also, you can apparently snort cocoa – why you’d want to, no one knows. A couple’s wedding invitations were hilariously offensive when guests were asked if they wanted a meal of beef, chicken, or child.

A man from Saipan is cooking up some delicious art – he’s a pancake artist!

Good news men! Ejaculating 21 times in a month means you won’t have prostate cancer!

In #Florida: A man proved he’d do anything for love, when he strapped his car full of propane tanks and crashed it into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. A brother and sister got into a fight with cupcakes and both ended up in jail. A pregnant woman was struck by lightning and ended up giving birth to what we think will eventually be the first metahuman.

Our #History Lesson this week is Amelia Earhart: New photographic evidence shows that she may have been captured by the Japanese Military.

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