Episode 3: Magic Mix, Volume 3

Written by on July 15, 2017

This week @isadamonfire brings you another mix of great songs brought to you by the good people of Reddit. Be sure to support all of the artists by going to their page and purchasing or streaming the music.


  1. Bad Babies – Brave the Elements
  2. Arthur Watership – Holy Lighter
  3. RIIB – Conveyor Belt
  4. Matthew Trisler – I Breathed Your Name
  5. Johnny Brock – This Is Not A Test
  6. Audiostarshine – Golden Horizon
  7. Parlor Voice – Country Rock Purgatory
  8. Pineapple Cough – Fail Adapt Prevail
  9. Harrison – Every Night
  10. Miss Marginal – Sleep
  11. Night Letters – NE 68746
  12. Melonade – Eyes Up
  13. Ice Cream Cult – Coals (Outro)
  14. Kami O – TRIP
  15. Nebulamigo – Impression, Sunrise

As always, please support the artists on the show by going to the links in the description and buying the song or album or streaming it on the service.

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